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Quantum offers a complete start to finish appoach to monitoring key parameters of systems and facilities. A variety of companies by size and industry are beginning to understand the value associated with tracking key aspects, parameters or KPI's of critical systems, and have found Quantum's solution a valuable asset.

Using a modular and easily expandable approach, we suggest starting small and adding as deemed necessary. This allows a client to begin with a small low cost epicenter and gradually expand monitoring to other areas, lines, processes, plants, countries... Everyone whether considered small or large enjoys this approach as it eliminates the need for large upfront capital expenditure on often complex systems that can be overwhelming to use and unfortunately may go ignored eventually.

We enjoying hearing all the different ways our clients see benefits and often is very different from user to user. Here's just a few of the key benefits derived so far:

● Quality Assurance
● Predictive Maintenance
● Preventative Maintenance
● Identify Savings Opportunities
● Historical Process Tracking
● Efficiency / Process Benchmarking
● Accessible Anywhere
● No physical servers / IT required
● No Special Software
● Improved Sustainability

1. HARDWARE (Data Logging, Collection & Transmitting)

portable data logger


For short term or spot checking, Quantum does a variety of temporary monitoring using our portable systems. It features standard industrial connections for analog sensors as well as 3 phase power applications up to and including 600V. We often recommend monitoring for a minimum of 10-14 days but depends on each individual situation, process and application. Sometimes monitoring can even be required for many consecutive or intermittent months at a time.

portable data logger


Quantum also designs and assembles custom panels to meet the requirments of each unique monitoring application and environment of individual or multi system data collection applications.

2. SOFTWARE (Monitoring, Tracking & Analysis leveraging the cloud)

The collected data either on a temporary or permanent basis is all transmitted, stored and viewable through Quantum's site to view in near real time. Certain 'special' dashboards have been developed to assist our users with common analytics they often request for quick and easy viewing. See some of the screenshots showing common metrics, KPI's and analysis for our Compressed Air, Electricity & Global Adjustment (Class A) incorporated in some easy to read dashboards!


Through Quantum's extensive experience with air compressor systems we often find efficiently controlling air compresssors offers huge benefits in energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, system & pressure stability, reliability and more.

Quantum's sequencer was developed because of this need and continues to be improved and maintained in house. A key benefit is it's ability to interface with typically any make or model of air compressor. We find this a major advantage as we rarely see a user with the same make and/or vintage of compressor. The flexibility of this allows users thinking of buying new air compressors to consider different compressor manufacturers they may choose or would like to use going forward.

Quantum's solutions are not simply an "install and hope it works solution", but can verify through the remote monitoring capability to confirm its ongoing functionality is working correctly. Quantum in combination with your plant process, personnel, specific requirements, needs and even want's can configure the sequencer to your specifications if desired. As your plant or system changes such as adding, removing, and relocating compressors Quantum's system can be reconfigured to meet the new topography and requirements.


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A variety of services offered can compliment with Quantum products but also serve standalone to deliver value.

● Engineering & Process Expertise
  ○ Compressors, Fans, Pumps, Blowers, ect.
  ○ New or alternative technologies & right sizing systems

● Electricity Bills / Invoices
  ○ Explanations, Understanding & Clarifications
  ○ Analysis / Beakdown / Comparisons
  ○ Class A - Peak Demand Factor Calculation's

● Global Adjustment (Class A) & Demand Management
  ○ Peak Tracking & Notification's
  ○ PDF Performance
  ○ Real Time Demand Monitoring

● SaveOnEnergy
  ○ Applications
  ○ Technical Reviews

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